I HAVE NO vested interest in this or another Bluetooth speaker, but I’ve in recent times evaluated 3 of the products. 

This first evaluation in the Bluetooth Speaker Series is for the Philips SB5200B/37 Bluetooth, Wireless, Portable, BR-1X Speaker with Rechargeable Battery. In addition to the ones characteristics, it is also chainable and ruggedized. Visit :- ที่เที่ยวอเมริกาสุดฮิต

A Chainable Speaker

What does that suggest you may ask? It way with the usage of the thru-p.C. Audio cable you could hyperlink your Philips BR-1X speaker to some other BR-1X speaker for surrounding sound results. Actually you may chain it to as many audio system as you have were given to be had. I can exceptional trust a party within the outside, on the seaside, or inside the woods with friends or circle of relatives… A birthday party wherein anybody has this type of audio system. It’s likely like being inside the center of a staged tune extravaganza.

A Ruggedized Speaker

This feature protects the speaker from injuries or rowdy treatment. This speaker is enveloped with a silicon cowl to defend it from the vagaries of the outdoors. Accidentally knock it over… Not a trouble.

Dual Volume Setting

You can have your streaming tune at both of  selectable quantity degrees. It has outdoor and indoor settings. The out of doors placing offers the capability for high volumes that blast the tunes through loud communique or even robust winds. With the indoor putting you may lighten up and recognize the overall-bodied bass tones with easy transitions through the center and high levels.


This speaker weighs 1.1 kilos, and the dimensions are 8.Three by way of the usage of 3.9 with the useful resource of 3.1 inches. The package deal consists of one 10-watt, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and the unit accepts every battery and AC electricity. Also, you can fee the battery via USB. And it without a doubt works with Android pills, Bluetooth 2.1 & above, and most iPad, iPod, and iPhones.

The Take Away

If you are seeking out a effective Bluetooth enabled, transportable, wireless, rechargeable speaker device, the Philips BR-1X speaker is a good desire. This speaker device permits you to accumulate clean, sharp tones. The ruggedized silicon protecting function protects your Philips speaker from accidents or unintended difficult use. And the out of doors putting lets in you to revel in loud, colorful, robust tones from a distance. Additionally, with the chainability alternative, and for the revel in of a lifetime, you should purchase extra than this kind of Philips Bluetooth stereo audio machine that lets in you to supply surround sound. Imagine if all your friends had those speakers, what a vibrant birthday celebration that would be!

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