Kirov is a Russian city, the place of work of the

Kirov Region. It is positioned on the banks of the Vyatka River, 896 km east from Moscow. Kirov is a chief transport hub (there is a river port, railways, roads, airport). The populace of the city is about 450,000 human beings. The economy of Kirov is associated with engineering, metalworking and chemical industries. The predominant firms are ‘Electrical Machine Plant named after Lepse’, ‘Avitek’, ‘Mayak’, the plant ‘Fizpribor’, the toolmaker ‘Crean’, the combine ‘Iskozh’. The traditional crafts of Vyatka, like juniper processing, inlaid with straw, timber painting, embroidery, lace, Dymkovo Toys stay a totally critical a part of the city tradition. Visit :- ชุด bb gun

The foundation of present day Kirov is associated with building of the Khlynov fort, located on the Vyatka, on the mouth of the river Hlynovitsa (nowadays named ‘Hlynovka’). In addition, the city become also known as ‘Vyatka’. In the past due 14th century Khlynov became in ownership of the princes of Nizhny Novgorod and Suzdal, and inside the early fifteenth century it belonged to Galician princes. Since 1457 the metropolis is called a center of nearby crafts and alternate. It changed into joined to the Moscow State in 1489. Since 1708 Khlynov become a part of Simbirsk. Since 1727 it became a part of Kazan Province. In 1796 Khlynov become sooner or later renamed Vyatka and became the center of the Vyatka governorship. Pre-modern Vyatka became a city of manufacturing; maximum businesses had been linked with the processing of agricultural uncooked substances. For a long term Vyatka changed into called a city of political exile, there lived Alexander Herzen, Mikhail Saltykov-Shchedrin, architect Alexander Vitberg. In 1934 Vyatka became renamed Kirov (in honor of Sergey Kirov, a Soviet statesman and political figure, born in Vyatka province). Since 1936 Kirov is the center of the Kirov Region.

The Dymkovo Toys Tradition, that took place in the village Dymkovo (now it’s miles part of Zarechny, a district of the Kirov metropolis), is in the end the most well-known Russian clay craft. It’s related to people festivals, which had been sold sculpted out of clay whistles. The craft, which is about 300 years old, is developing, being improved the styles of portray and ladies, turkeys, deer whistles. Thanks to the Dymkovo Toy, Kirov is one of the major facilities of folk art, as well as Palekh, Khokhloma, Ustyug and Vologda towns.

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